Guitar Hero for NES!

Right, we’re only a few hours in and it’s going to be hard to top this for best new development of the week: following remakes on the Commodore 64 and text adventures, Kent ‘SnowBro’ Hansen and Andreas Pedersen have created D+Pad Hero — rhythm action for the NES — and it’s entirely excellent. The game uses a bizarre mix of DDR arrows with Rock Band-like strums (and, smartly, its responsive audience): only the A and B buttons are used to hit notes, but overlaid arrows are this game’s version of colored fret-buttons. The result is a game that feels like learning to walk all over again (and is strongly recommended for a joypad only), but genuinely comes together as you stick with it. Included are Hansen’s chiptune remixes of G’n’R’s Sweet Child of Mine, A-Ha’s The Swing of Things, Daft Punk’s Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger, and Michael Jackson’s

link: 8-bit Guitar Hero comes to the NES