Please pay attention to the flight attendants!

FAA puts man who recorded in-flight bird collision on double secret probation

OK, so for all of you who feel entitled to use your electronic devices during take off and landing (including you Alec Baldwin,) you are missing the point. The restriction on using these devices is not based on whether or not it will bring down the plane. The reality is that the flight crew wants your full attention so that, in the event of a major malfunction, they will have your full attention so that they can get you to safety, if at all possible.

Comparing Newton MPs and iPads

I’ve been checking out ebay auctions for Newton MessagePads, and I started thinking about the differences between the Newton and iPad from a system perspective. As a long time Newton user (I started with a MP120 and graduated to a MP2000,) the thing that was missing on the Newton was RAM. Newton users who had the pleasure of using a MP2100 will tell you that the extra heap that was present in the MP2100 made it more useable. Users of the MP130 would probably say the same in comparison to the MP120. From my perspective, if the heap (system RAM) had been doubled on just about every version of the Newton, it would have fixed most if not all of the problems that users had with it. I for one loved the MP2000’s handwriting recognition. In fact, I didn’t have much of an issue, even on the MP120.
This is where the iPad gets it right. Sure, it doesn’t have 16GB of system RAM, but it has more than enough RAM for what it does (for the record, the original iPad had 256MB of RAM, the iPad2 had 512MB of RAM and the iPad 3rd generation has 1GB of RAM.)